For Cüneyt Aksoy, painting is the process he creates with the medium and the material, rather than the resulting image. In his abstract paintings that he usually paints with his hands instead of using a brush, he creates a language through the material by blending paint, handmade paper, pieces of wood, and plastic together. During this production process, which Aksoy describes as meditative, he paints in order to steep himself into it, and to create new ways of expression for both himself and his work.


The stopping moment within the complicated tempo of everyday life, the rush that the individuals lose themselves in, and the details that cannot be noticed at first sight are the essential points of his paintings. Cüneyt Aksoy’s paintings have some clues about the fact that he has had stage design education as well as painting, the paintings sometimes turn into installations designed outside the canvas, like a stage. And this causes his works to not only focus on the canvas but also spread out to the space and multiple mediums.


Cüneyt Aksoy graduated from Mimar Sinan University Stage Design Department. He continued his practice in Florence, Italy between 1998-1999 and 2009-2011. He currently works and lives in Istanbul and London.


Aksoy’s paintings are composed of organically fragmented textures and breakages. Using paper and plastic materials on canvas and creating a multi-layered surface, he stages the final image through the use of pigmented colors.



Cüneyt Aksoy Portfolio [click for download]

Selected Exhibitions:


  • TTC, Turkish Trade Center, London, “Try it!  Constructing Layers of Identity ” performans&Installations, Project Creative Director
  • Things of Now, Gallery Bu, Istanbul 
  •  Love-In, Cold Climate, Limbo Project Space, Margate UK


  •  Contemporary Istanbul VIP, The Flow Art Walk


  • Flow, Fairmont Quasar Istanbul


  • Contemporary Istanbul, Art Lexing Gallery-Miami


  • Dispossesion, Tüyap Art Fair, Istanbul
  • Hazy, Kare Art Gallery,Istanbul
  • Howl, 44A Art Gallery,Istanbul


  • Soul of Paper, Alan İstanbul Art Gallery, Istanbul


  • Masks, Bir Nokta Art Gallery, İstanbul


  • Ebb and Tide, Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul


  • Akbank Art Gallery, Istanbul